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How To Get Perfect Boho Waves

Need last minute hair tips for Coachella? Here are some quick tips from our fabulous hair/makeup artist, Suzie! She is the queen of getting the perfect boho look. Find out more fun inspo on her instagram @suziekmakeup!


What you'll need:
1. Curling iron/wand
2. Comb/Hair Brush
3. Dry Shampoo
4. Hair Spray
5. Butterfly Clips (or any other clips of your choice)


STEP 1. Spray roots with dry shampoo for lift and texture.

STEPS 2 & 3. Section your hair horizontally, while leaving out the bottom layer. Brush hair and apply hair spray evenly. Take 1 inch sections at a time to begin curling.

STEP 4. Wrap hair around the wand without using the clamp. Twirl upwards while keeping the wand horizontal to get those loose beach waves you're looking for. Make sure to leave about half an inch to an inch of the ends out, uncurled. 

STEP 5. Grab another inch section while alternating directions.

STEP 6. Repeat steps 4 + 5 for each section until you're done!

STEP 7. Use your fingers to comb out the curls. You want them to loosen up!

STEP 8. Now part it whichever way you prefer and tadaaaa! You did it :) Add a hat or flower crown to get the perfect festival boho look.





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