Follow these easy steps to give your lips a pop of ombre this summer!
Featuring our NEW Matte Pigment Glosses from L.A. Girl
Tips from the one and only @suziekmakeup!

What you'll need:
1. 3 different colored lip glosses (1 bright red/orange, 1 bright pink, 1 light pink)
We used our Matte Pigment Lip Glosses from L.A. Girl: Instinct, Tulle, and Iconic ($6 each)

2. A clean lip brush

STEP 1. Line the lips with a bright red/orange color gloss.
Color We Used: Instinct by L.A. Girl ($6)

STEP 2. Line the inner section beneath the red color with a bright neon pink color gloss. Leave some room at the center.
Color We Used: Tulle by L.A. Girl ($6)

STEP 3. Blend the second color inward using a separate lip brush. Make sure it blends into the center. 

STEP 4. Apply the last color at the center of your lips in the light pink color.
Color We Used: Iconic by L.A. Girl ($6)

STEP 5. Use your lip brush to blend the last color inward, then lightly pat down all the colors. Make sure you're always blending inward.
If you prefer a shiny finish, add a coat of clear gloss on top!

And you're done! Show us your ombre look on Instagram: @2020AVE #2020AVE






July 30, 2015

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