We'll take any excuse to get brunch on the weekend but what about making brunch at home with your girls instead? Tell them you have the drinks covered because we got you. Here are some tasty (and Instagram-worthy!) brunch cocktails that will make you the life of the brunch. 

For The Rosé Lovers:

Rose Slushy Cocktail Recipe

If this drink doesn't scream Summer, then we don't know what does. We're all about "rosé all day" but it's definitely so much better as a slushy. Bring us back to our 7Eleven days with some serious splash of class. Just kidding (sort of). Get your girls together and make this quick easy drink over some amazing avocado toast and hashbrowns! Here's that good rose brunch drink recipe. Be prepared to be making this often.


For The Fruit Lovers:

Fruity Sangria Cocktail Recipe

Wine is made out of fruit therefore it's healthy, right? We wish. But making a fruity and refreshing sangria will definitely make us feel better about this not being true. Celebrate the beginning of Summer and impress your girls by making this Sangria for brunch! Even take it past Brunch and make these all Summer long. Get bonus points if you buy fun straws for it too. Makes it that much more Instagram-able!


For The Popsicle Lovers:

Prosecco Popsicle Cocktail Recipe

If you follow someone who lives in New York on Instagram, there's a high chance you've seen these drinks on your feed! Originated from the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar, these yummy drinks are a must for the Summer. Don't live in New York? Make them at home with this popsicle cocktail recipe! It'll have you singing, "Summer, summer, summertime!" like Will Smith or is that just us? Either way, must make it ASAP.


For The Champagne Lovers:

Fizzy Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Where are our mimosa brunch lovers at?! This strawberry mimosa drink recipe is made for you. Ditch the orange juice and try Strawberry cream for the Summer instead. Because, who doesn't love cute pink drinks? Cheers with your girls and this drink to satisfy all your sweet cravings! Without the calories of a chocolate cake. #WINNING


Our Favorite Brunch Outfit Pieces:

June 17, 2016

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