This bandana and square scarf trend is blowing up. A trend taken from the streets of Paris and popular at music festivals like Coachella, it's now become a major part of our everyday accessories. You'll find new ways to recreate your outfits with this simple and affordable accessory. Here are four tips on how you can make this trend a part of your everyday wardrobe.

The headband.




1. Fold the bandana. First, fold the square scarf in half. Then, roll it.
2. Show off your girl power. Tie the scarf around your head.  
Styling tips: Pair your bandana with a leather jacket and some light washed denim jeans






 The choker. 




1. Fold the bandana. (repeat step 1 from above)
2. Twist it. Start from one end of the scarf and twist it to add some texture. 
3. Wear it. Tie it around your neck as a choker. Feel free to add a simple choker for some extra bling. 
Styling tips: Wear the twisted bandana with an off-the-shoulder bodysuit to really accentuate your neck pieces. 





 The knot.





1. Fold the bandana. (Repeat step 1 from above) 
2. It's time to layer. Grab all your dainty chokers and layer them on top of each other.
3. Finish it off. Tie the bandana around your neck and there you have it!
Styling tips: Wear it with a simple tank top to make the main focus of your outfit the bandana and your layering madness.



The bib.




1. Fold the bandana. Fold your scarf in half.
1. Tie it Tying your bandana in the back can play as a toned down version of your everyday scarf.
Styling tips: Square scarves are the perfect season transition accessories. Pair them with a cute spring denim dress or a basic t-shirt. 






Which look is your favorite? 

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January 09, 2017

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