We're calling it- bandana scarves are the accessory of the summer.  

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Is anyone else low-key obsessed with this trend that's happening right now? It's such a cute way to add a pop of color to your outfit, and there are so many ways to wear them that they never get boring. Here's a few of our faves- 

1. In your hair  

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The classic knotted-around-the-pony style is always a no-brainer. We're loving the retro vibes from a style like this. Or, keep it looking effortless by wrapping it through a low bun. A little tie front top or beachy striped top pair perfectly. Also, don't be afraid to mix patterns! Just keep the colors complementary, and one pattern larger than the other. 



Get The Look:

2. As a top

Who else remembers that early 00's trend of the bandana tops? We're bringing it back with fresh, updated patterns and styling. It's perfect for a music festival or day at the beach with distressed high rise shorts and leather banded sandals. Top it off with a cute cabby hat and a leather mini backpack

Get The Look: 

1. Sunburst Bandana Scarf, $14

2. Spring Break Distressed Denim Shorts, $38 

3. Luna Crescent Necklace Set, $13 

4. Inner Circle Hoop Earrings, $9 



3. On your bag

Crossbody, tote, mini backpack or little straw bag? Either way, tie a cute patterned scarf on the handle or strap to add an unexpected pop of color and pattern in just a few seconds.  


 Get The Look: 

1. Sunburst Bandana Scarf, $14

2. Julie Mini Bag, $28 

3. Brushed Metal Hoop Earrings, $11

4. On Vacation Round Straw Bag, $84


Don't stop there- the possibilities are endless. Try tying it on your wrist, around your neck, on the handle of your suitcase to identify your luggage, etc. What's your fave? Other ideas? Let us know below in the comments!  

July 26, 2018

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