Jeanne Grey, the fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogger (and part time wanderer) from (with over 100k Instagram followers), is changing the influencer game and taking the Instagram world by storm with her very calm, cool, and collected monochromatic style and amazing photos. Dropping the corporate world to become her own personal brand, Jeanne speaks about defying the social norms influenced by the pressure she had growing up and creating a movement for her audience with style in her blog. Take a deeper look with us into the amazing layers of Jeanne Grey!

Tell us how living in New York City determines your style.
Living in New York is great because no one here judges. The more different you are, the better the turnout is for you. I guess people who live in this city have a knack for being themselves [the most] because of the nature of the city and the way nobody cares if you’re wearing nothing for the day, or wearing a wedding gown just because it’s Monday. It’s given me the opportunity to dress openly how I like, whatever that may be for the present.

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It’s something about the city! So we have to ask--who inspires your wardrobe?
The Olsen Twins have always been an inspiration to me. However I do get my inspirations from my surroundings – skyscrapers, the ocean, nature, etc.

We love your approach and of course, The Olsens! Now what would you say is your "go to" day to night outfit?
It would definitely be culottes and a crop top topped with a staple leather jacket or blazer, going into the night.

Jeanne is wearing our Wavey Overlay Lace Crop Top $31 / Cape Blazer $49

So cute! How many crop tops do you own?
They are a staple in my closet! I have about 20 of them laying around here!

Whoa. Yeah, we love them too! If you had to live in one thing forever, what would it be?
An oversized white shirt!

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
About 70 maybe, give or take. Though I only wear 3 of them.

We can relate. Serious girl problems! How would you say your style has changed over the years?
It's changed drastically. 3 years ago the thought of black and white drained me. It felt so serious and unfashionable to me. I was all about color, bright vibes and floral prints. TONS of floral. Now I wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything in color or floral at all.

You’re very real in everything you write. How does that influence the way you dress?
Like the way I write, I keep it clear and to the point as much as possible in the way I dress, as well. I only wear brands I believe in. I keep things very honest. Being genuine to my audience has given me an amazing and authentic response back.

We love that you talk about different issues on your blog about not conforming to the world and their social expectations, what has inspired this direction? Maybe an example of a time where you felt pressured by the expectations of society?
I was always a rebel growing up. I was the one always wandering away from the crowd, the one making a mess of things, the one coming home with bruised knees because I did things I shouldn't have. The one who was forced to wear dresses to church but would rebel against the mary janes and wear light up sneakers instead.

Growing up was full of pressured moments for me. Having forced to go into a field where I knew from the get go I was not passionate was the biggest turning point for me. I realized that you never have to be what people expect you to be. You owe no one. You only owe it to yourself to be you, love you, stand up for you and follow your heart. I feel that I have a big enough voice, thanks to my blog, to be able to relay this message to people and make them realize that life never needs to be cookie-cutter-society-perfect. It needs to be your own.

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We couldn’t agree more! Now I know that this is a hard question, but what is the best thing that has ever happened to you so far in your life?
Getting fired from my corporate job while making me choose between my blog or working for them was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Of course I ended up choosing my blog and I’m very glad I did.

Everything happens for a reason and we love it! What is your favorite thing that has happened since you started blogging?
My favorite part of being a blogger since was created is being able to inspire others. Having someone tell you that they can relate to you and they too made their dreams into a reality is priceless to me.

Yeah, we bet! What are other goals for the rest of 2015?
There are a few amazing cosmetics collaborations I am currently working on! I can't say much, but all I can say is, I am so excited for the rest of the year!

That’ll be so much fun! Do you have any hobbies you love other than fashion?
I am very reserved. I love spending time with people I care about. I am a homebody and love home decorating a lot. I also love spending time with my bunny.

Aww, now we want a pet bunny. Okay, what is your favorite type of music?
I love trap and hip hop. 90’s all the way too!

Totally all about the 90’s. Fall is almost here! What’s the trend you’re looking forward to the most?

Yes, couldn’t agree more. What do you think is worth splurging on for the Fall? What you should save on?
A really good leather jacket is important. Everything else you can save on.

Jeanne is wearing our Striped Long Sleeve Blouse $27 / Cut Out Maxi Skirt $24

So true! Okay, your shoots are beyond creative! How do you stay inspired?
Thank you! I never settle no matter what, especially in my [blog/instagram] posts. If it's not getting me excited, I don’t post it. I stay inspired by constantly changing where I am. I [always] love traveling, whether it’s a staycation or a flight to a new city. It helps me view things with fresh eyes and never allow[s] me to give stale content.

We’re always jealous of all your traveling pictures! Where have you traveled in the world? What place is a must on your bucket list?
A few places off the top of my head that are my all time favorites are: Thailand, Hong Kong, China, and The Philippines. My favorite out of all them has got to be Thailand. I’m currently looking to leave for Morocco, Greece, Turkey or London, depending on which my followers will pick.

You’re very interactive with your followers! Tell us a secret not many of your followers know.
I am throwing a 100K party for all of you guys this month! I wouldn’t be where I am without you all. You guys make me and I can’t wait to do this for you! More details to come on when and where.

We can hardly wait. Do you have any advice for a girl just starting out on becoming a blogger/influencer?
Consistency is key. Find your aesthetic and stick to it. You don’t find your aesthetic if you’re following the crowd, so make sure you get into it by being yourself. Everything else will follow.

Okay, save the best for last. What’s the best fashion lesson you’ve ever learned?
There are no rules. You are only limiting yourself due to trends and insecurities. Blur the lines and be the next trend.

It was so much fun speaking with you Jeanne!

Photographer: Andy Mac (@andylvlac)






August 23, 2015

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