It may be 2020, but if you ask us, it’s still all about the ’00s. While much of today’s fashion trends revolve around that “modern-minimalistic” look, the aughts were all about layering different colors, prints, and textures; having fun with fashion.

So, in light of the new year, we’re kicking it way back.

Here are four '00s inspired looks…

00s Blog 1

Bold Rhinestone Belt, $21 // Summer Days Oval Sunnies, $10 // Roxy Reptile Jacket, $59 // Cross Charm Hoop Earrings, $8 

00s Blog 2

All Nighter Satin Tie Back Top, $13 // Arie Ripped Knee Jeans, $52 // Penelope Kitten Heel Sandals, $22

00s Blog 3

Textured Cross Necklace, $12 // The Barrymore 90s Fur Leather Jacket, $49 // Plain Jane Simple White Tank, $21

00s Blog 4

Retro Days Colored Sunglasses, $10 // Large Hoop Earrings, $4 // Rainbow Star Hair Clips, $6


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January 09, 2020

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