Anyone wish they could just live in their yoga pants? We’ve got your “I’m going to start working out” resolution outfits ready. Whether or not you plan on attacking that resolution in 2017, we promise those gym clothes won’t go to waste. Here are a few pointers on how you can style those classic activewear pieces into something a little more street style chic.

The Hoodie/Yoga Pants


Hoodies and yoga pants all day, please! These ultimate basics are a must to nail this athleisure trend. First things first, stick to neutral tones so you can mix and match more with items in your closet. You'll also want to gear towards a more fitted hoodie in order to leave room for layering. We paired this look with a cropped denim jacket to add a little structure and a pair of metallic oxford shoes! What started off as a simple lounge outfit, now looks officially street ready. 

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1. Simple Soft Leggings, $12
2. Frayed Cropped Denim Jacket, $43
3. Hoodie Cropped Sweater, $49
4. Shiny Metallic Oxfords, $32


The Sports Bra

 Fashion's all about making the pieces in your wardrobe multifunctional, so be bold and free the bra! Step out of your comfort zone and wear your sports bra as a top, it's totally acceptable and effortless. Go with a light bomber jacket or track jacket like our Sporty Striped Bomber, a pair of heels, and you've got this athleisure look down. 

The Track Pants

Track pants aren't just for the track now. These Satin Contrast Pants have that satin-silky finish with elastic cuffed hems, creating a well-groomed look perfect for anything from work to dinner. To keep this look work appropriate, go with an all black outfit to minimize the casual sporty feel of it. We paired these pants with a black button up blouse and a pair of metallic pumps to add the pop you need for your Instagram-ready #ootn.

Shop the look:

1. Satin Contrast Pants, $46
2. Lightweight Button Up Blouse, $34
3. Shiny Metallic Pumps, $26

Athleisure is here to stay and we love it. Whether you're heading to the gym or just feel like staying comfy in your workout clothes, well, now you definitely can and still look cool.

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November 15, 2016

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