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Halloween month is officially here and we're here to help you with your costume ideas! We've been reminiscing on the 90s and early 2000s and got inspired by some of our favorite shows and movies to bring you 3 different options this Halloween! The best part is, you can totally wear these after Halloween! Scroll down to see what you can wear this Halloween. 


Inspired by: Hilary Banks

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The 90s wouldn't have been the same without Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The cast was everything and Hilary Banks was definitely a fave. We'll always remember one of her first lines, "Daddy, I need 300 dollars." That's when we knew we loved her. Get this major throwback and 90s TV style iconic, Hilary Banks' look! It's super easy once you grab this super cute Military Tuxedo Dress. This dress is super versatile so you can wear it as a blazer over a pair of jeans and bodysuit or dress it up as a dress!

Get the look:
1. Military Tuxedo Dress, $36
2. Over-the-Knee Socks, $11
3. Go-to Mini Bag, $31
4. Cindy Pumps, $26
Ring Tassel Drop Earrings, $11
6. Endless Layered Choker, $14

Inspired by: Vivian Ward

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman was the modern Cinderella story we all loved of the 90s! We were obsessed with Vivian Ward's thigh-high boots then as we are now, and we found the perfect red pair for this look. We know she wore black boots in the movie, but we decided to go for these red ones instead in place of the red sweatshirt she had around her waist. Red boots are trending big this year, too so you'll have no problem wearing these outside of this look.

Get the look:
1. Soft Blazer Jacket, $51
2. Endless Crop Top, $6
3. Double Tied Denim Skirt, $22
4. Lexie Thigh High Boots, $46
5. Oversized Tote Bag, $51
. Chunky Oversized Hoops, $11
7. Dainty Dazzled Layered Necklace, $16
8. City Girl Leather Cap, $18


Inspired by: Cher Horowitz and Tai


Before there were Mean Girls, there was Clueless. The preppy signature looks Cher and Dionne wore back then are coming back today so we knew we had to put something together. The tilted berets, plaid jackets, skirts, over-the-knee socks, layering camis over tees, all of it, has come back and now you can channel your inner Cher or Dionne and still wear it on the daily.

Get the look:
1. Mock Neck L/S Bodysuit, $21.99 (on sale)
2. Low Cut Corset Top, $13
3. The Ruffled Skort, $34
4. Make a Point Pumps $28
5. Soft Over-the-Knee Socks, $12
6. Fall Days Beret Hat, $22
7. Furry Pom Pom Keychain, $6
8. Julie Mini Bag, $28

October 04, 2017


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