It's here! The hair tutorial for literally any occasion. Anyone can pull it off and we've got our amazing MUA, Suzie (@suziekmakeup) to show you the steps.
All you need:
1.) 1.5" to 2.0" curling iron
2.) Comb
3.) Hair spray
4.) Hair pins
hair tutorial - waves
1. Section your hair. First things first, let's part your hair down the center. Then, grab a small section on each side at the top, twist it and pin it up. Shown in photos 1b and 1c.
hair tutorial - waves
2. Start curling. Start on either side and grab 1in. - 2in. pieces of hair at a time and begin curling. Always curl away from the face. After you finish one side, go to the other side and do the same thing, curling away from the face in the opposite direction.
hair tutorial - edit
3. Curl everything. Once you curl the bottom section of your hair as shown in photo 3a, release the pins for both top sections, and repeat step 2. Then brush out those curls with a comb as shown in photo 3c.
hair tutorial - waves
4. Last step! After you've brushed out those curls, it's time to grab your straightener and straighten those tips! This is the most important step to get you that textured look. It also de-poofs your hair.
hair tutorial - waves
And, you're done!
Click on the link below to see how our beautiful model, Monica, wore this look in our latest feature!
October 18, 2016

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