It's that time of year again! Your list of resolutions finally came together and working out made it to the top again. The best way to keep this resolution for 2017? Make sure you're stacked with leggings, sports bras, tanks, and everything else to keep you gym-ready. Lucky for you, these outfits will make you want to go to the gym just to wear them. Plus, they work both in and out of the gym.
Let us introduce the bodysuit you can sport at the gym and to dinner. With its simple silhouette, you can pair this with any pair of yoga leggings or gym shorts as you please. We love it because it covers just about everything. Plus, it works for both gym in and gym out. Add on a light, sheer bomber jacket, and switch into a pair of jeans to take this look to the streets.
Shop the look:
1. Sleek Long Sleeve Bodysuit, $24
2. The Mesh Bomber, $33
3. Mesh Sporty Socks, $7
4. Lace-Up Metallic Sneakers, $24

Similar items:

Basic Ribbed Tank

Basic Ribbed Tank $6

Sporty Zip Up Bomber

Sporty Zip Up Bomber $34

Two-Tone Workout Shorts

Two-Tone Workout Shorts $11

Everyday Tank Bodysuit

Everyday Tank Bodysuit $18

Want to stay selfie-ready? Choose a sporty bralette that has a unique strappy design like our Caged Front Bralette (pictured below) to take your gym look to the next level. Pair your sports bra with high waisted yoga leggings and you're all set! A light sweatshirt around the waist to wear after you work up a sweat will keep you street style ready.
Shop the look:
1. Caged Front Bralette, $14
2. Simple Soft Leggings, $12
3. See Right Through Me Blouse, $31
4. White Out Sneakers, $24

Similar items:

Padded Cross Strappy Bralette

Padded Cross Strappy Bralette $8

Side Mesh Paneled Leggings

Side Mesh Paneled Leggings $21

Black Ladder Sports Bra

Black Ladder Sports Bra $19

Caged Sides Leggings

Caged Sides Leggings $18

So, let's invest in our bodies and stock up on activewear that will help get us to our goals. No more sitting around liking other people's gym selfies. Let's be the proud gym-selfie-taking girl 'cause you know it didn't happen unless it gets posted. #SelfieGoals.
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January 03, 2017

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