Bored at home? We feel for you! Here are a few of our favorite ways to pass the time and stay busy… and we threw in some cute outfits, because you may as well look cute while you’re at it!

What To Wear

As funny as it may sound, putting on a cute outfit really does make a difference. Here are some of our favorite pieces that are both cute and comfy… I mean what more could you ask for!

Saige Drawstring ShortsSaige Drawstring Shorts // Saige Cropped Hoodie // Chunky Platform Sneakers

Plus Size Loungewear

Plus Size Sporty Girl Biker Shorts // Plus Size Laid-Back Hoodie // Chunky White Dad Sneakers

Staying Fit

We all have different priorities, and if fitness is yours you may feel a little stuck right now. Luckily, there are tons of amazing online resources and we’re here to point you towards the best of the best. So throw on your favorite workout set and some sneakers and get moving!

Plus Size Activewear

Plus Size In The Zone Leggings // Plus Size Plain And Simple Tee // Perforated Knit Sneakers

Enhanced Workout Leggings

Enhanced Workout Leggings // Enlite Sports Bra // Sporty Knit Sneakers

Our favorite workouts

Treat Yo Self

Looking to indulge? Get in some comfy sweats, turn on your favorite show (we recommend Little Fires Burning Everywhere), and enjoy a fresh batch of Tik Tok's infamous three-ingredient cookies or some bomb af banana bread.

Comfy Diva Loungewear Set

Comfy Diva Loungewear Set // Chunky Platform Sneakers

Plus Size Loungewear

Plus Size Talia Yoga Pants // Plus Size Soft Long Sleeve Top


While there are lots of ways to pass the time, we want to stress that there is no right or wrong way to go about all of this. You may feel productive and motivated one day and not the next, and that’s ok. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.


April 28, 2020

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