Is it Summer? Is it Fall?

Fall is probably our favorite season of the year since it's not too cold or too hot and we still get to layer up in all of our favorite jackets, sweaters, and boots! But, that transition can get pretty awkward and so we're here to guide you through your Summer to Fall wardrobe picks! It's really all about picking the right pieces to lightly layer for that perfect transitional look.


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Feel the breeze.

We are currently recycling our wide leg pants on the daily in different cuts and styles and we just can't stop. They make the perfect alternative to a pair of jeans and give you that nice breeze to get you through those warm days and cooler nights. That's why these Break Even Plaid Pants make an amazing pick for that transitional season. You get just enough breeze and warmth at the same time.

Get the look:
1. Zipped in Linen Jacket, $63
2. Easygoing Ribbed Crop Top, $12
3. Break Even Plaid Pants, $41
4. Sienna Strappy Heels, $34
5. Snakeskin Mini Backpack, $51

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Side Slit Striped Pants $26

Extreme Wide Leg Pants

Extreme Wide Leg Pants $28

Easygoing Striped Pants

Easygoing Striped Pants $28

Easy Breezy Pants

Easy Breezy Pants $29


Take a jacket.

Sometimes we fight with ourselves like, do I want to look cute but be cold all night or take a jacket? Well, you can have both. All you really need is a classic leather jacket you can toss on and we promise it won't ruin your cute outfit. Don't have one? We got you. This Classic Leather Jacket is just what you need when you just want to grab something quick and it also goes with everything and anything.

Get the look:
1. Rough Edges Crop Sweater, $28
2. Classic Leather Jacket, $53
3. Ring it Together Skort, $17
4. Cindy Pumps, $26
5. Feelin' Textured Hoops, $8
6. Floral Lacey Socks, $4

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Zip Me Up Jacket $57

Zipped Up Leather Jacket

Zipped Up Leather Jacket $72

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Suede Biker Jacket $47.99

Golden Zip Up Bomber Jacket

Golden Zip Up Bomber Jacket $34

Layer it on.

The ultimate Fall tip we love is layering up! This is where you can get more creative with your looks and not every look will look the same. You can take that one jersey knit dress you wore all summer long and mix it with something like our Shimmery Metallic Tee, pictured below, or a simple long sleeve tee, add a pair of booties, a denim jacket and be fall-ready! Make sure to pick light pieces when layering so that you can still show off your curves. 

Get the look:
1. Shimmery Metallic Tee, $29
2. Chelsea Wrap Dress, $34
3. Next Level Tassel Earrings, $11
4. Square Beaded Choker Necklace, $9
5. Day to Day Boots, $26
6. Limitless Denim Jacket, $53

Similar items:

Chelsea Wrap Dress

Chelsea Wrap Dress $34

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Make a Statement Tee $29

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September 20, 2017

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