Spring is the season to embrace everything sassy, lightweight, and floral.

Everything from colors to prints to silhouettes, these dreamy details will transform your closet to be spring season ready. In 2020, old styles are coming back and new styles are emerging, so we made a list to keep track of everything you'll need!

1. Ruched & Smocked

They're everywhere. Ruched and smocked tops are definitely making their comeback in a big way. These stylish crop tops can be found in adorable sets or sold on their own! Either way, these stylish tops are a super easy (and comfy) way to chic up any easy outfit, they bring all the detail and texture you need!

Cherry Blossom Smocked Top, $26 // Darling Mesh Top, $14

2. All things Green

Shades of green are a must need essential for the spring season. Spring the time for warm weather and blooming flowers, so it only makes sense that this gorgeous color is here for spring. With plenty of different shades such as Avocado, Hunter Green, and Lime, you're sure to look for any excuse to wear green. 

Angie Scalloped Tee, $10 // Daphne Satin Midi Skirt, $22 

3. Pastel Blue Shades

If you haven't noticed it yet, we'll point it out. Pastel blue shades are really showing out this spring season. The cool toned color pairs well with patterned pieces, to complement your outfits and keep them from getting boring. The light shades are easy to wear and look great in the warm sun and blooming flowers.

Breezy Smocked Set, $36 // Laura Tiered Sundress, $54

4. Zebra Print

Animal print has been a growing trend for a while. As it gets bigger, we're getting into different animals and their beautiful prints. Now zebra is all the rage! This black and white pattern spices up every look with its fun, exotic touch. Pair zebra with any simple black and white piece or add some more color to the look.

Saharah Zebra Slit Midi Skirt, $16

5. Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are all the rage. Adding the perfect amount of drama to every outfit, these shirts are super sweet and adorable with a flair for the dramatics. Dress these puffy sleeves up or down, ad you'll be ready for spring. 

Clara Ruched Puff Sleeve Top, $23 // Polly Smocked Crop Top, $33

6. Knit Dresses

Knit dresses are the perfect mix between style and comfort. The bodycon style knit dresses are perfect for everyday wear and easy to dress up for a night on the town. These dresses bring you a day filled of comfort and style.

Casey Striped Bodycon Dresses, $18 // Jordan Ribbed Knit Dress, $17

7. Bralettes Under Blazers

Professional, but with a slight twist. Oversized blazers are a continuing trend from last year. So, if you haven't yet, pair your favorite blazer with a cute bralette top for a perfect going out look. This trend isn't anything too new, but she's still killer! Definitely a must have for spring season!

Feelin' Lacey Bralette, $8 // Sleek Cutway Blazer, $24

8. Side Slit Skirts

Who doesn't love a good side slit? A subtle slit gives an edge to any outfit, adding just a bit of sass without showing too much skin. Pair a side slit with any type of top, a graphic tee, a basic, an over-the-top long sleeve, whatever you choose! They're a perfect pairing piece. 

Daring Vegan Leather Skirt, $18 // Major Throwback Mini Skirt, $19 

9. Think Pink

Another totally trending color this season is pink! Whether its neon or pastel, pink is totally in. Perfect for a monochrome look or paired with another trendy color or pattern that's totally on trend. Match this spring's blossoming flowers with your favorite pink look for any occasion.

All Nighter Satin Tie Back Tank, $13 // Midnight Dreams Dress, $16 

10. Loungewear all day

Streetwear and 'athleisure' have been in style for a while now, and from that trend, loungewear chic has grown. Sweatpants are now okay to wear in public? Yes, please! Stylish loungewear means you can literally be completely comfy without sacrificing style. Loungewear all day, everyday is exactly what you need this spring. 

Saige Drawstring Shorts, $31 // Saige Cropped Hoodie, $42 // Comfy Diva Loungewear Set, $45

What do you think? What are your favorite trends you've seen pop up this spring? Let us know in the comment section below!


        April 24, 2020

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