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Does this sound familiar?

You’re crammed inside a tiny coffin-like box.

The lighting is so bad you look like a ghost. 

You’re going to have to put your bare feet on that dusty, dirty ground. 💀

Over-played pop songs are blasting in your eardrums.

There’s a mirror, but can you even trust it? Or is it playing tricks on you? 

Yep, this torturous place is your typical mall dressing room.

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But this is 2019 — you don’t have to schlep to the mall every time you need a new outfit. 

We have the internet ✨ 

The Shopaholic’s BFF

Ah, online shopping. It’s there for you when you’re bored at work or binging Netflix. 

But online shopping certainly has its drawbacks. Maybe you fall in love with an outfit. You immediately punch in your credit card numbers and click COMPLETE ORDER. But then you’re waiting at least a few days if not a few weeks until your precious purchase arrives. 

Once you finally get your order, you can only hope that you selected the right size, and that it looks good on you. 

What if you could try before you buy? 

At 2020AVE we’re stoked to share our awesome virtual dressing room app with you. We know how frustrating it can be when you’re online shopping haul disappoints. Using special new technology, you can see how clothes will look on you before you buy.  

Keep reading to learn how it works, how you can use it and why it’s the lazy girl’s secret weapon.

Virtual Dressing Rooms: The Future of Fashion

One day, you’ll be able to order clothes online and they’ll be instantly teleported to your doorstep. (We’ve got our tech team working on that.) But for now, we must rely on the usual shipping services.

It’s heartbreaking to wait days for your order to arrive, only to find out nothing looks quite right. 

And at 2020AVE we don't want to break your heart! That’s why we’re so excited about our new virtual dressing room. You can actually see how our clothes will look on your body before you buy them. 

Our goal is to personalize the online shopping experience. We know that no two bodies are alike, so being able to see your body in an outfit before you buy it is a total game-changer. You don’t have to guess how that skirt is going to hug your curves -- You can see it. We’re bringing the dressing room into your living room. We're so excited to bring this feature to both our straight-size and plus-size babes! 

How Does It Work?

We use an app called Forma. Forma builds realistic avatars out of your photos. This advanced technology is not just the old cut-and-paste trickery. We’re not talking about your head on a model’s body. 

Forma works with your shape and skin tone to give you a truly authentic vision of how you will look. Even if you’re wearing long pants in your photo, our app will show you how your bare legs would look in our shorts. It looks so realistic it’s almost creepy!

Here’s how to use it. 

Dress Your Selfie

This is easiest on mobile, but you can do it on desktop too! Just look for this logo:

Try It On Button

Click on that to enter your own virtual changing room. 

1. Start with a good picture. For best results use a forward-facing, standing photo. No full-body photo in your camera roll? Full-length mirror selfies work great too. Stand in a neutral pose and make sure you capture your whole body — from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

virtual closet blog2. Upload your photo. Click ADD YOUR OWN to upload the photo you want to use.

3. Wait 10 seconds. Yep, that’s it! By the time you finish reading this sentence your personalized model is ready and waiting for you.

4. Voilà! It’s your body in the dress you’ve been admiring. 

virtual closet blog5. Love the way you look? Click BUY NOW to add the item to your cart. 

6. If not, try again. If the dress isn’t for you, just hit the back button and try on another item until you find the perfect piece.

The Secret to an Amazing Fit

Ok, so now you’re in love with a few pieces and ready to checkout. Here’s one last tip to make sure your clothes fit like a glove. Using a measuring tape, take your measurements and compare them with our size guide. 

If you’re between sizes, consider how you want the item to fit. Size down if you want a tighter, slimmer look. Size up for a looser, comfier style. 

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer service team. They live to help you look awesome!

Try Before You Buy

Unless you love fluorescent lighting and the overwhelming smell of cinnamon buns —  skip the mall next time you need new threads. 

2020AVE wants shopping to be a pleasant experience. And that’s exactly why we know you’re going to love trying on clothes through our app. Stay home. Brew a cup of tea or pour yourself a glass of wine, and shop from your phone. 

Virtual dressing rooms are the wave of the future. They are both the lazy girl and the busy girl’s best friend.

In an online fitting room, you can try before you buy — all with just a few clicks. Plan your fall wardrobe in 15 minutes flat. Or try on a dozen dresses for your cousin's wedding without getting out of bed (or bath).

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Don’t forget we offer easy returns! We want you to love every piece you buy from 2020AVE, which is why we offer free returns for all U.S. based customers. Learn more about our return policy here.

So, what are you waiting for? You can try these on now! 


Or, head to our new arrivals to try some of our latest new pieces. 




October 31, 2019

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