Heading to a BBQ like... Where the burgers at?

what to wear to a BBQ

It's BBQ season!
Here are 4 outfits you can eat burgers with and still look best dressed.


LOOK 1: When you only came for the food.

If you're anything like us, we love a good BBQ and can't wait for all that food. So, going with an oversized tee, shorts, and comfy slides is a must to eat whatever and chill comfortably. Don't worry you'll still be photo-ready! Just choose to go with a cute pair of embroidered shorts, layer on a few necklaces, and a pair of super cute slides from our store! The best part about this look? You don't have to worry about sticking your stomach in all day. 🙌🏼

super soft cuffed t-shirt
suede mule slides
Get the look:
1. Super Soft Cuffed T-shirt, $23
2. Full Bloom Denim Shorts, $42
3. Suede Mule Slides, $23
4. In the Green Choker, $11
5. Triple Layered Necklace, $14

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Oversized Side Slit Tunic

Oversized Side Slit Tunic $21

Flamin' Chaos Graphic Tee $33

Plunging Caged Tunic

Rosey Plunging Caged Tunic $26

LOOK 2: When you really only came for the beers.

If you're looking forward to drinking some beers 🍻 and having a good time, a cute romper or comfy overalls will do it. You can sit how you want, eat what you want, and drink what you want, which is why this makes one of our top choices for a BBQ outfit! Here, we chose to go with a simple cropped white top with flowy overalls, a pair of buckled booties, and minimal jewelry.

overall romper

overall romper

Get the look:
1. Take it Easy Overalls, $41
2. Clean Slate Crop Top, $19
3. Strapped Together Booties, $32
4. Beaded Layered Choker, $9

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Ultra White Overalls

Ultra White Overalls $48

Tassel Tied Romper $36

Sleeveless Chambray Romper

Sleeveless Chambray Romper $21

LOOK 3: When you need your top to match the condiment of your choice.

Are you someone who gets ketchup or mustard on your shirt like all the time? We know we've all been there. So, just in case it happens again, why not wear something that'll just camouflage right in? Inspired by our love for mustard, we chose to go with this mustard-colored tank, a denim a-line mini skirt, and cute bow slides! Whatever condiment you're into, we've got 'em all. 🌭

backless ribbed crop top

Get the look:
1. Backless Ribbed Crop Top, $6
2. A-Line Denim Skirt, $28
3. Looped in Bow Slides, $18
4. Pretzel Knotted Choker, $11
5. Plaid Bandana Scarf, $17
6. Color Me Sunnies, $12

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Soft Racerback Tank

Soft Racerback Tank $13

Unbalanced Denim Skirt $34

Plunging Caged Tunic

Rosey Plunging Caged Tunic $26

LOOK 4: When you came for the gram.

This one is for the girls who come for the gram. We appreciate you and your cool photos and know your outfit is KEY to getting the perfect Instagram-worthy photo. We love a good summer dress and white sneakers so we decided to go with this cute floral and striped detailed dress paired with our white embroidered sneakers. Add a pair of trendy pom earrings for extra likes.🔥 

floral dress

floral dress

Get the look:
1. Summer Love Striped Dress, $36
2. Stitched Up Embroidered Sneakers, $16
3. Sparkly Layered Choker, $11
4. Mini Beaded Choker, $12
5. Playful Pom Pom Earrings, $11

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Strappy Front Flowy Dress

Strappy Front Flowy Dress $39

Midnight Floral Dress $36

Bell Sleeve Striped Dress

Bell Sleeve Striped Dress $26

Tell us what your favorite look is in the comments below!

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May 16, 2017

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