Mix and match your Fall closet with these key items!

We created a minimal fall capsule collection of just 10 pieces you need to create the perfect Fall wardrobe. You'll be able to mix and match these pieces all season long and an endless amount of outfits.

 1) A simple sweatshirt.

Make sure to grab a simple sweatshirt like The Minimalist Sweater in a neutral color like white or black so that you can wear it multiple ways without it being too memorable. It's the perfect piece to layer with pretty much any outfit--You can pair it with striped pants, underneath a dress, with a skirt or pair of jeans. It's a timeless piece so you can wear it all year round.

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2) The striped pants.

Stripes are like the underrated but timeless trend. Stripes can also be worn year-round and why we recommend you to own a pair of striped pants in your closet like Your Next Striped Pants (pictured below). You can also go with the more trendy side-striped pants instead but we just love how you can wear these pants from work to play.

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3) The crop top.

Typically a crop top might not be something you think of keeping in your closet for Fall, but they make for a great layering piece. Here, we paired one of our top sellers, the Soft L/S Crop Top, for a cool transitional summer to fall look. You can easily just toss on your favorite leather jacket, a pair of joggers, boots, and you're good to go.

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4) Poppin' red shoes.

The red trend is stronger than ever right now so it's no surprise that these are part of our Fall capsule collection. Everyone should own a pair of red shoes whether it's in an ankle bootie, a simple heel, or for those who are more fearless, a pair of over-the-knees like our Lexie Thigh High Boots pictured below.

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5) The leather jacket.

The forever staple of fall and winter is the leather jacket. Don't have one? Invest in one. Seriously, it's the ultimate versatile piece you can have in your closet and you can wear it year after year. You can dress it super casual or take it out to toss over your party dress. We chose to go with our Zipped Up Leather Jacket because of its subtle oversized fit, making it perfect to layer anything from your chunky sweaters to a simple little black dress.

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6) That plaid print.

Plaid is taking over this year and we are obsessed. It's a new staple of the season. The new 90s-inspired prints are showing up in suits, pants, dresses, blazers, and more! We chose to go with Your Plaid Trench Jacket as shown below. It's a light trench jacket that is made perfect for any on-the-go looks, and works great for both work and play.

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7) The lieutenant hat.

This lieutenant hat and beret trend are everywhere and seen on celebs like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner on rotation and we couldn't ask for a better hat trend. This hat can surprisingly go with multiple looks. Think of it as your new go-to baseball cap, except way more stylish. Here, we went with our City Girl Leather Cap. This hat can turn any basic look into a camera-ready Instagram outfit.

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8) The statement jeans.

Keep it interesting and invest in at least one pair of statement jeans. We chose to go with these Full Swing Flared Pants that come in two easy to pair colors: black and this dark blue denim. You can pair them as if they were any other pair of jeans in your closet except the fact that you'll be standing out from the rest. 

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9) The little black dress.

Another staple that works year round is the LBD. But, for Fall, make sure to pick out one that you can wear in the colder weather like a knit sweater dress or something that's long sleeve. Makes for an easy layering piece and you can easily take it day or night. Here, we paired our Comfy Casual Wrap Dress with over-the-knee red boots to give it a dressier night out look. Switch it out for a pair of sneakers or mules and you're day ready!

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10) The ankle boots.

And, last but definitely not least: the ankle boots. Shopping for ankle boots is probably our favorite thing about Fall. This year, we're seeing them in the classic black color along with now trending red and white! You can never go wrong with a pair of black boots. You can wear them on the daily, for any occasion, day or night! This year we're also loving the ankle boots in all white, too! You can pair them with your denim skirts, skinny jeans, and sweater dresses! We chose to go with The Everyday Booties in black and the Miranda Ankle Boots in white for our Fall capsule collection. 

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September 27, 2017

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