A knit cardigan is a great completer piece for your wardrobe. Cardigans are no longer the old-lady pieces they used to be, so if you've been shying away from this piece because it evokes images of sweater sets and stuffy librarians, it's time to look again at the cardigan. They help you create a great outfit when you just want to wear jeans and a tee. Throw on a beautiful knit cardigan and suddenly you've got a polished outfit that's ready for the workplace and can be dressed up or down. The right cardigan can help you get more wear out of your summer wardrobe, too, warming up outfits you might have had to pack away otherwise. Keeping a knit cardigan at work can be a great way to stave off a chill in your office while looking stylish. 

When looking for a cardigan, think about what you want to use it for. Do you need it for a specific outfit, or something that can go with almost anything? Do you need a lightweight cardigan just for heavily air-conditioned areas? Or would you like a heavier knit cardigan that you can wear out on cold evenings? There is a cardigan for all of these situations and more. Once you've decided what you're looking for, head over the 2020Ave's cardigan section. We have something for everyone! 

Try our knitted and oversized boyfriend cardigans with a tank and skinny jeans for a comfortable and cute look. This cardigan comes in grey and black, so it is a great basic piece for your closet. Or go for something bold like our multi-colored fringed tribal print cardigan! This gorgeous piece is perfect with a pair of boots, and the wide, flared sleeves give it a distinctive look. Our simple chiffon cardigan is a beautiful piece that can be pulled over a cocktail dress for a little more edge and coverage. It's soft, silky, and lightweight to it won't add bulk to your frame. 

Whatever type of cardigan you're looking for, you'll find it at 2020Ave. Remember, we offer free shipping on orders over $50 so you can shop all you want without racking up big shipping charges!

November 11, 2013