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That moment when you find out the top you’ve been eyeing is officially on sale. You know you can’t miss out on it now. We have new women's clothing items added in weekly with sweet deals on our wide selection of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Update your wardrobe and stock up with some of the latest trends without breaking the bank.

Made in CA Bracelet - 2020AVE

Made in CA Bracelet

$5.99 Regular price $13.00

Lace-Up Flared Denim Skirt - 2020AVE

Lace-Up Flared Denim Skirt

$15.99 Regular price $32.00

Wrap Around Suede Choker

Wrap Around Suede Choker

$6.99 Regular price $14.00

Double Circle Curve Studs - 2020AVE

Double Circle Curve Studs

$4.99 Regular price $11.00

Oversized Pocket Tee Dress - 2020AVE

Oversized Pocket Tee Dress

$13.99 Regular price $28.00

Front View of Lace-Up Cami Crop Top

Lace-Up Cami Crop Top

$8.99 Regular price $18.00

Light Knit Pocket Tee - 2020AVE

Light Knit Pocket Tee

$10.99 Regular price $23.00

Over-the-Knee Solid Socks - Charcoal - 2020AVE

Over-the-Knee Solid Socks - Charcoal

$4.99 Regular price $11.00

Front View of Torn Up Denim Top

Torn Up Denim Top

$19.99 Regular price $41.00

Detail of Rock Out Rosey Tank

Rock Out Rosey Tank

$7.99 Regular price $16.00

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