Back To School T-Shirt Layering

Dress codes are the worst. But if you're going back to school and you've got to live with them, it doesn't mean you have to pack away your cute summer pieces just yet! With the right styling and layering, you can keep wearing these summer-y items and make them work for class. If you're also not ready to give up your cute tube tops and spaghetti strap dresses, read on.


1. Sheer Pieces 

All summer long, we've been putting bralettes under our sheer tops. Now, we’re switching it up by layering a graphic tee under instead. Not only will it make you less likely to get a dress code violation, it also makes you look trend-forward and cool by wearing it in an unexpected way. Also, we're super obsessed with this layered bodysuit look. It's covered up enough, but still a little flirty. Try either look with your go-to black leather booties. 

Get The Look:

1. Romantic Eyelash Lace Bodysuit, $32

2. Distressed High Rise Mom Jeans, $51

3.Basic Comfy Tee, $12 

4. Emily Cabby Hat, $16

5. Sweet Honey Tee, $13 

6. Sheer Polka Dot Cropped Tank, $22 

7. Unbalanced Denim Skirt, $34 

8. Julie Mini Bag$18.99 

2. Spaghetti Strap Dresses 

We're all about putting a tee underneath almost any top or dress. But dresses give us the chance to layer under AND over. Try a plain tee or one with embroidery or a graphic. We love this idea with an A-line style dress to keep it looking slim and modern. Throw on a leather or oversized denim jacket when it starts to get a little chilly and take your favorite summer dresses right into fall. 

Get The Look: 
3. Basic Comfy Tee, $12 

3. Tube Tops 

As we all know, literally everything from the 90's is back, so we are especially loving the tube top over the tee look. Try a lace-up or patterned style for an unexpected pairing, or a plain tube top for a color-blocking look. Distressed high rise denim is the perfect pairing piece for this combo, and a necklace or two helps elongate your body and keeps it from looking choppy. Add a cute cabby hat and a mini backpack to finish off the look. 

Get The Look:
2. Basic Comfy Tee, $12 
5. Basic Comfy Tee, $12 

8. Emily Cabby Hat, $16 


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